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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Still working

This is today’s finished quilt… the count down is now at 32. Some of them got away from me before I took pictures.

The other side.

The financial advisor has changed the day he will be here from Monday to today. So I wait again…

In the meantime; I’ve been thinking and making changes to the way I will do business after my break… regardless of whether I move or not. I bought this….

I bought it so it fits easily on a shelf in the studio. My other computer is in another room. It won’t fit into the studio. I will be using this little baby for all my quilt related work. Everything from typing a receipt for a dropped off quilt top to recording hours worked to designing custom pieced quilts. I won’t start using it until after I’ve had time to set up all the forms to be used which will be during my break from quilting.

I’ve also done some online research of quilting threads. I really like the Superior Bottom Line and Superior Sew Fine threads. Most of the best known award winning quilters uses them. They are very expensive in my opinion. The cost is around $15 to $20 per cone of 3000 yards. Just getting a starting set would cost between $800 and $1000. It would be double that amount if I get two cones of each; one for sewing, one for winding bobbins as I sew. If I go to a better thread it means I will have to add a thread charge to each quilt to recover the cost.

I got out my ribbons and hung them up on the wall again. Hopefully they won’t get too dusty. I figured I earned them so I should display them.

Next I drew out the design for another quilt to hang on a wall.

Then I marked a quilt to be entered into the fair. It is the hugs and kisses quilt I pieced from strings and dryer sheets.

Then I marked a design on this. I want to try out some cut away appliqué. I saw it once… long ago… now I want to see if I remember how it is done.

Ok, now I gotta get into the studio to work on the quilt that is taking far longer than I thought.

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