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Saturday, June 30, 2007

A sesson of reality

Well here is today’s finished quilt. The count is 31 and going down slowly.

The other side.

Very pretty redwork.

Ok, I know I’ve said it before, but; oh my, how quickly circumstances change!! It turns out that the person I thought was a financial planner is actually in real estate. I learned this after talking with my friend Dawn. Dawn is the one person I trust more than anyone else in the world for advice. She had been on my mind the last few days so I called to ask about her and her family. Somehow when I talk to Dawn we always get to talking about me and my problems. I don’t intend for the conversation to go in that direction but it always does. Dawn told me what I needed to hear instead of what I wanted to hear. Dawn probably doesn’t realize how much my thinking always clears after just talking to her.

I won’t be expanding my business. I had a really good idea. I even finally figured out how to do the business plan. It was surprisingly simple after I wrote it. Only one page and it was done. Well, I did make it look pretty and increased it to two pages; but, now I don’t even need it so I tossed it. I was trying to make writing a plan much more complicated than it really is.

The temptation to get a new Statler Stitcher for my machine was very strong. I saw visions of turning out triple the number of quilts as I can do freehand. I saw visions of expanding and making lots of money. I don’t really need it though…. do I? Yes, it would do the machine quilting for me while I pieced quilts. Yes, it probably would pay for itself in 5 years. Oh stop it! Anita, you’re letting all those customer calls swell your head again. You do not want to increase your output; you want to decrease it. Move on to another subject. (Smile, holding a conversation with oneself is not crazy, just practical. I’m the best friend I got.)

Ok, I won’t be moving to another house. Yes, I did want to get out of a really bad neighborhood. Yes, I did want a basement to run to in case of a tornado; also to keep my hobby stuff separated from my regular living space. Yes, I did want a garage for storing other people’s stuff; also to put a car into so I don’t have to ride the city bus anymore. I can’t have a car in this neighborhood. Why heavens, just last night two neighbors lost all their car wheels to thieves and a third neighbor lost the whole car because the thieves needed a way to carry all those tires with aluminum rims.

Even though this post may sound like it, I am not depressed! I’m just being practical and coming to terms with how things really are. I do want to keep doing the custom made quilts (especially memory quilts) so I can have a small income. I just don’t want to think about expanding my machine quilting business anymore. Actually, all I really want is to stop working long, long hours to earn a little money; only to give it away to whatever family member or friend needs financial help. If I don’t earn it; I can’t give it away. I think its way past time for everyone to start supporting themselves and let me have my life back. Maybe I can even buy myself some new underwear or something. (by the way, the laptop computer is going back, I won’t need it anymore)

So now then, where do I go from here? Well the first thing I believe I need to do is find a real financial planner; someone to advise me on how best to budget the income I do get. Hmm… what do I look for in the yellow pages to find one? Can it really be as simple as looking under financial planners? Yep, there is a couple hundred of them listed under “financial planners certified” and “financial planning consultants” and “financial services”; now to figure out which one of them I should call. Which one of them can be trusted to give me good advice? Which one of them would be willing to answer my questions without charging an arm and a leg for a beginning consultation? Maybe I should dust off the crystal ball.

My first financial decision will be to figure out whether to have these repairs done to the outside of my house or get a privacy fence so I can take the furkids out again. Both things are needed; both cost quite a bit of money; I just have to figure out which one first and how best to save the money for it. Here are pictures of the most major repairs I need done. What is not visible is the electrical wiring repairs I should get done.

Here is the reason I need a privacy fence. This dog likes to fight with other dogs. He has killed a couple of small dogs that were kept chained to their dog house in the back yard. It is only one of several allowed to run loose at different times. I know it is hard to see him but I was afraid to get any closer.

As long as big dogs like this are running loose I can’t take the furkids outside. If I can’t take the furkids outside for a potty break; it means I will continually have to keep mopping up piddles.

Ok, enough writing for today. I have another quilt to get finished today. Oh yes, before I go to work I wanted to let everyone know the circus quilts got into the AQS Nashville Show.

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Sweet P said...

It's a shame you don't live near me, I'd send our Financial Planner to you in a heartbeat. He doesn't charge for a consultation (in fact, we've never paid him directly for any of his services). He asks about your goals and plans before recommending a financial plan.

He is with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. Here is their website: http://www.nmfn.com/. Check them out. If all of their planner are as good as Troy you may find the help you need.

Good luck!