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Sunday, May 27, 2007

A good deed day

Yesterday I finished the quilt that was on the machine.

The other side.

Then I finished this one for my grandson that has the nicknames of the kids in his karate group. He did the letters. I enlarged the letters so I could make the quilt. UPS is scheduled to pick it up on Tuesday. I wish I could deliver it in person so I could see his face.

I also worked more on this quilt. It started as a leader and ender project. I think it may become a quilt to enter into the fair and then given to charity. It will be a full size quilt. After the fair I will probably save it until I see a family on TV that will need it.

Today I’m going to the home of a lady who has a brand new Hinterberg table for her household machine. I’m going to show her how to load a quilt on the frame. I never charge for these visits because it is just fun to do. Working on the household machines and the Hinterberg table is kind of like playing in a dollhouse. So much smaller than the Gammill.

This trip away from home will feel so good! If I were still in a panic about staying ahead of customer tops to be finished I would have to work extra, extra hard to make up for the day away from my machine. Since I'm no longer in a panic mode the day will be an enjoyable time away from work.
We will be stopping at the fabric store on the way back home if we have time. I have to get more fabrics so I can start on a king size custom quilt that is due to be completely finished by June 15th. I am supposed to have the top finished by June 5th to see if they approve the construction. I always give the customer one last look before it goes onto the machine. It is their last chance to make changes before it is completed. If I don’t make it to the fabric store today then my daughter and I will go tomorrow.

I need to start working on a quilt to be given to Art for the Animals. This event is the first week of August I believe. I try to create a small wall hanging each year to give anonymously. It is a good way to use up some of my stash fabrics. Hmmm…. I’m gonna get off the computer because I just thought of a design. I want to see if I can sketch it out before I leave.

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