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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Window quilts

GRRRR!  Dang window quilts! I finally have the time to install the window quilts I made a few weeks back.  Yes, the same quilts I've tried to get made and put on my windows for a couple of years. These quilts are to replace window quilts I took down to wash and found had dry rotted.  I get out the new hardware I've saved for a long time.

I finish cutting the yardsticks I use for the inserts.

I go to install them and every gosh darned window quilt is exactly 10 inches too short!  All eleven quilts are short.  How did that happen?  I haven't a clue but it's a real DUH moment for me.  All that work and not a single window quilt is the right size.   So I cut some fabric and add it to the top of the window quilts and install them anyway.  See the extra fabric at the top of this one being installed?

Oh well, I did plan to make more window quilts later, in pretty colors, one at a time.  My plans haven't changed.  These window quilts will work for now because the idea is to cut my energy costs this winter.   It's just that I feel really dumb for making that kind of mistake.  Thankfully this was work for me and not quilts for a customer.  There is no telling how long it will be before I get new ones made again.  Making these plain window quilts has taken over two years because of my hectic schedule.  Well, I do have a lighter quilting schedule now that I'm semi-retired.  Maybe it won't take me as long to make prettier ones.  Two installed..... 9 more to go.


lw said...

I can't tell what was short? The quilts? The yardstick/rods? Anyway, very annoying to find this out when you're hanging them, so I understand your frustration.

Anita Estes said...

Thanks LW, I changed the blog post so it reads a little better. It's the window quilts that are too short.

Anonymous said...

They look nice to me. Maybe you had something in mind that you did make them short and planned on adding something to the top. Either way, they look great. N

kathi said...

ohhh Anita, I darn near CRIED for/with you. so LONG you have waited. RATS. Well they will work for now. PERHAPS it was HIS plan for you to make PRETTIER window quilts anyway.. HE felt you DESERVED BETTER than just PLAIN JANE window quilts. sending a HUG. AND, well. REMEMBER. DONE IS GOOD. so atleast DONE. that's good.