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Monday, November 15, 2010

Whew, it's done

I was gone shopping all day Friday.  Saturday and Sunday I worked to get this finished.  This is the quilt laying on the intake table.  The quilt hangs off the other end.

The border design.

The design on the blocks.

A view from the back.

A leafy design on the inside borders.

I have two pillow covers to quilt that go with this quilt.  Only three more tops to get quilted before my holiday break can start. 

I took a few minutes yesterday to work on link pages for my hints blog.  Something is going on with my computer and it's very irritating.  Maybe someone knows what it is and can tell me how to fix it?  Here's what happens.  You know how you can click on the X to get out of a program?  Just click and zap the program is closed.  Ok, imagine working on the computer, I click a link and I am zapped off the internet.  Any kind of random link like going from edit post to view blog, or click on a photo to load to the blog, or to check a link I've added or clicking on an email to reply to it.  This happens randomly, not every time on the same links.  Get the idea?  I click on things and my internet randomly instantly shuts down. 

This would be irritating by itself.  But, the computer freezes up when I try to get back on the internet.  The only way I can get back on the internet is to shut off the computer and then turn it back on again.  Another thing that happens is sometimes when writing an email or writing a blog post if I backspace to correct spelling then try to start typing, the computer tells me there is a problem and it must shut down.  No choice but to click ok.  Which freezes when I try getting back on again. 

I've run spybot and AVG free to check for problems but nothing shows up as a problem.  Does anyone know what this problem might be?  It's taken almost three hours just to create this post because of the number of times I've been zapped off the internet.  I gave up over the weekend trying to answer emails.  Reading  was fine but clicking on reply zapped the internet off except for a couple I managed to send.  Hmm... if those actually got sent.  Any help appreciated.

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