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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More quilting done

I finished quilting these two pillow covers.  I was taking them off the machine when the owner knocked on my door.  That was cutting it really close on finishing.  If they weren't finished the customer would not have minded.... but I would.  I like to keep my promises.  No pictures of the quilting but it was the same designs as the quilt. 

I loaded the next quilt on the machine ready for stabilizing it today.  Then I tried working on my helpful hints blog for awhile.  I'm creating "pages" with links on them for the different step by step posts and making those into printable pages.  I kept getting this message.... over and over and over again.  It got frustrating enough that I just quit.  Decided some house cleaning and laundry might be a little less stressful than dealing with a cranky internet. 

Later I sat on the porch and looked at the fall colors for a while.  In just a few days the trees will be naked again and really cold weather is just around the corner. I cleaned out the square foot garden on the side of my house.  Nothing but lots of tomato vines left so it wasn't a really big chore.  I think my garden was successful enough for not having done any for a very long time.  I will add a couple more small beds for next year. 

Today will be filled with cooking bread, cleaning the kitchen, mopping floors, and making lists of what I want to accomplish during my holiday break..... whenever it starts.  For the first time in many years, this time of year is 'quilting stress' free.  I'm not working 16 hours a day and I'm not rushing around like a mad woman.  I'm actually cooking instead of popping something into the microwave to eat a bite in between rows of quilting.  I do miss the quilting income because paying bills is much harder; but, the freedom from stress is worth more than all the money I could have earned. 

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Linda in NE said...

A suggestion for your computer frustrations....download Firefox & start using it instead of Internet Explorer. Rarely does it give me a problem. The rare Web site may require IE, usually one with forms to fill out, but for the most part you'll be so glad you switched.