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Monday, November 29, 2010

Before and after

I found a handyman that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for his work.  It's very hard to find a handyman that will work with me as my budget allows.  Most want to do everything at once instead of in small sections.  All done at once means lots of money but in sections means smaller amounts to come up with in my budget.  It only took me several years to find him.  This is what he did today.  The corner of the house before.

The corner of the house after.

Above the window before.

Above the window after.

The back of the house before.

The back of the house after.

He ran out of wood so he'll be back another day to do more repairs.  His truck is in the shop which meant he couldn't go to the hardware store.  He walked here from his house.  My house looks like it's ready for a coat of paint doesn't it?  Well he's going to do that for me too but in the spring when the weather is getting warmer not colder like now.  When he comes back in a few days he'll be working on other places on the outside that are rotting away.  What he is doing is closing up any outside areas that might let rain get into the walls which would cause even more damage. 

It almost feels like Christmas.  Hmm.... he sorta looks like Santa.  Almost white hair and beard but he's quite thin.  Having the repairs done looks so much better..... even without the paint.  100% better!


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

I'm glad you found an affordable guy to do the needed repairs. I have to ask though, did he do some of the repairs with particle board or strand board (or whatever it's called)? Looks like it in the pictures. Better get a couple coats of paint on it right away because that stuff doesn't stand up too well in the weather.

lw said...

Looks like he did a good job! We've got to get our house tented, there's termite droppings in my sewing room.

Anita Estes said...

Yes, he's going to put paint on the new boards and will paint the whole house in the spring.

Termites is what started the damage to my house, weather took over after that. It got worse over time.

Anonymous said...

Looking good! Happy you found someone that cares what you want and need. Not easy to find these days. Have a great day! What are you working on this week?