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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another one finished

This quilt didn't take as long as I thought it would after getting it stabilized. 

I did simple meandering on all the blocks and a loop design on the sashing around the outside.  The reason I didn't do a design on the inside sashing is because of really large hard knots from the intersection of the squares.  Hitting one of those knots would have broken a needle.

The reason for the meandering is because of this on some of the blocks.  Padded, thick, and very cute.

No way to quilt over these and too small an area to quilt a design around them. 

My mother is not doing too well.  I believe she is slipping into the next phase of the dementia.  There are 7 phases.  After the anger phase comes a time when the person is confused and becomes more feeble.  Yesterday she called me, with the help of the nursing staff, to ask if I had talked with Mama and Papa lately.  Mama and Papa are what we both call my grandparents.  Mom in her confusion didn't understand that they had died several years ago.  Mom also asked if I knew her baby brother and sister had died.  She doesn't,  didn't have a baby sister and brother that died.  Well, at least to my knowledge she didn't.  Maybe she is remembering something I was never told. 

Later in the day Mom was helped to call me again.  The nurse said Mom had asked how many rings to crank the phone to call her Mama.  Our first phone was the kind like you see in movies with a crank on the side to turn to make a ring on the line.  Cities had phones that sat on a table and you talked with an operator to get through to who you were calling but we were in the backwoods where we still used wall crank phones.  I guess the pay phone in the nursing home does sort of look like an old time crank phone if you use your imagination. 

This next time Mom believed I was her Mama and asked how Papa was doing getting the fields plowed.  Mom also asked me about someone I'm not sure I had ever heard of before.  I can't remember the name right now but it was supposedly a friend that shared a house with my mother.  Both ladies had husbands away in the war so they helped each other.  My grandparents owned the house they shared.  It was in walking distance of the house my grandparents lived in. 

The nursing staff said Mom has been going around asking people if they had seen her Mama because she couldn't find her.  I talked with the doctor about Mom's condition.  It may be a possibility of an infection making her confused.  With her other medical problems an infection will sometimes cause Mom to revert back to memories of her younger days.  Some blood tests were taken and I'll know more after the results come back. 

I'll be piecing together the two memory quilts today if there aren't any complications with my mother.  I also have an appointment later today.  I'm hoping to get those two quilt tops finished so the owners can see them in the next few days.  It's their last chance to make changes before the quilting is done. 


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

I'm sorry to hear your mother isn't doing well. She does sound a bit more manageable, though.

I was interested to see the t-shirt quilt you quilted. I have one laying here to do & will be doing some sort of meandering or loopy design as well, mostly because of rhinestones on some of the shirts. First I have to repair pulled apart seams. The lady who made it is legally blind & doesn't always know she isn't catching both fabrics in the seams.

kathi said...

I am glad to see that sometimes you just "meander around" things. especially a memory quilt. and when there is a chance of a "broken needed" i ALWAYS avoid it like the plague.
As to your mom. well. . it might be an "easier" stage to deal with. BUT. oh, the HEARTACHE. I can FEEL that one.
sending you hugs and prayers.

lw said...

It sounds like your mother is in a better place for the staff-- she's a lost little girl instead of a mean, uncontrollable woman. I hope that she gets to a place where she feels safe and happy.

The quilt looks really good.