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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feeling better

I'm finally up and better...... I think.  I've done nothing but sleep over the last three days.  I've gotten up only long enough to go to the bathroom, feed the furkid, take some medication, and drink some juice.  Oh, and warm a hot pad in the microwave for the horrible ear ache I've had.  I do everything I can to stay away from sick people but somehow sick people germs always find me. 

It seems the older I get, the harder it is to fight off a cold or infection.  Kind of like it was when I was a really young child.  I was constantly sick back then.  I caught everything.  Measles, mumps, chicken pox, rickets, rheumatic fever, whooping cough, ...... you name it, I had it.  My Grandmother told me when I was really young I was terrified of anyone wearing white.  White was what medical people wore back then.  Anyone wearing white gave painful shots or poked and prodded in places that hurt.... like ears, throats, and noses. 

My resistance changed and I was able to fight sickness off easier when I grew up.  Then years of working 16 hour days found me letting my health take a back seat.  I pushed myself and pushed myself.  Well, that's finally taking a toll on me.  When I decided to semi-retire from quilting full time it was because of health issues.  Several illnesses and several hospital visits were a wake up call.  It was time for me to care about me again.

This is the first serious bought with a cold I've had in quite awhile.  I think on next shopping day I'll stock up on some iron tablets.  Iron is what I took three times a day when I was a child.  It was awful tasting brown liquid back then.  Mixed with a little home made wine made it tolerable.  Thank goodness for modern technology creating pills to swallow. 

I'll do a little sewing today and watch the news.  I need to catch up on what is happening in the world. 


Linda said...

Please don't overdo the iron supplements. Women past child bearing age don't need all that much. I've been reading that whatever other supplements we take, we really need to take more vitamin D. It helps the body absorb all the other things better & gives the immune system a real boost. I had quit taking it over the summer & caught the first cold I'd had in three years. And I work in a public library where people come to get something to read while they're home sick. They cough & sneeze on the books while browsing & then come to the desk & hand them to me to check out. I'm lucky to be alive!!!! LOLOL

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you are feeling better. Missed you

lw said...

You might want to throw in some vitamin D3(2000 IU per day) and C. I hope you get back on your feet. Surely the slower pace of semi-retirement should help you heal.