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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Another quilt finished. Lots and lots of quilting on this one.

I'll start with the border. This is the corner. I did formal feathers on the border.

This is a view of the border along the side. I used verigated thread for the feather.

A view of the sashing. I used matching thread.

A view of the setting triangles. Another feather design.

Block one.

Block two.

Block three. This is the center of the quilt. The sashing matches the inside border around the quilt. There is stitch in the ditch around all the applique. Meander in the background to make the applique pop out.

This is the center of the center. To give you an idea of scale; the block is 12 inches. The small triangles are 2 inches.

Block four. Stich in the ditch around the applique. Echo to make it pop.

Block five. Same technique.

Block six. A tree shape for the tree. Leaves on the triangles and meander the background to make the tree stand out.

Block seven. The lines in the background follow the lines of the fabric design.

Block eight. Same technique.

Block nine. I did a round type design to represent flowers in the pieced flowers of this block.

Block ten. Same technique as the other applique blocks.

Block eleven. Again, same technique.

Block twelve. The blocks that didn't have lined fabric got a meander background.

Block thirteen. A little line dancing, a little other designs.

Block fourteen. Same technique.

Block fifteen. I followed the lines of the fabric to create a grid on the basket. Stitch in the ditch around the applique then meander to make it pop out.

I still have the leaders on this one because I may go back and add more quilting on some of the applique. I'm not sure yet. I'll think on it awhile.

I have another quilt for this customer that is to get heavy, heavy quilting too. I'm going to do an easy quilt first to give my mind and arm a rest. I'm slowly, slowly getting ahead of the backlog of work. It's not easy when one quilt takes a week or more to finish.
I best get into the studio and get started. The work won't get done until I do it.....


susan rizzi said...

That quilt is beautiful and your quilting is exguisite. The owner should be very happy with the end result.

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Beautiful. You do great work, Anita.
I don't think I'll ever have the patience, even if I do develop the skill, to do this kind of work.

Anonymous said...

very very nice!

snifferdogdolan said...

You have done a beautiful job.....you inspire me so....I wish you were close enough to do my quilts.....but back and forth to Sydney would be too expensive LOL Kim