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Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend catch up work

I have another quilt finished. Can you believe that? You know me too well.... (smile)

A feather around the border. Are you tired of the feathers? I really should do a little design sketching to get myself out of a feather rut. It's just that lately so many of the quilts look good with a feather because of the fabric used. I mean really, can you imagine a funky loop design or a spiky type star design on this border? The fabric says old time romance to me so feathers seemed appropriate.

A leaf and curl design on the setting triangles.

A pretty bow on the blocks.

A ribbon design on the sashing. To go with the bows of course.

Even though the fabric of this quilt said feathers and bows would be appropriate; I think being behind schedule keeps me in a design rut. Trying to move fast to finish the quilts doesn't allow time for creating new stitching patterns.

I could have done roses or other flowers on this. I didn't because the fabric was already filled with flowers. I thought more flowers would overwhelm the fabric. Maybe it's time I went back to sketching a few minutes each day just to keep fresh designs in my head. I think its been about a year since I even picked up my sketch book or white board. Way too long! It may not change the designs I use on the quilts but it will certainly help me feel creative again.

I'm not quite ready to tackle the next art quilt. I don't want to start working on it and not be able to think of any good designs. Today will be a day for work away from the quilting machine.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

The quilts don't all go back to the same person, so if feathers look good, do feathers. Besides, everybody likes feathers. They seem to think it's the ultimate in quilting.