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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Got something to show you

I was playing around for a few minutes during lunch break. I thought I would make another video and put it here. I think I may have to make myself some scripts to follow in the future. It's hard to work the camera and talk at the same time. I forget what I intended to say.

What I was trying to explain is that when doing heavy quilting it's necessary to skip around to different areas. If you quilt heavily all in one area before moving on to the next area you will get a wavyness and sagging. In order to get a nice even quilt at the end you have to skip to the sagging area and quilt next. Then look for the next sagging area and move there to quilt.


Well, time for me to get back to work..... enjoy.


1 comment:

Gudrun said...

Thanks Anita, this confirmed for me, what I have
been thinking is needed for the quilts that
I am putting a lot of quilting in.