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Thursday, April 2, 2009

More quilts finished

This is a table runner. Small and easy to get finished.

The fabric was all leafy so leaf designs are done on the blocks.

Smooth leaf types.

Pointy leaf types.

Next up was this one. A baby quilt.

What's better than baby rattles and teddy bears for a baby quilt?

A view from the back.

Well goodness.... another baby quilt.

More baby rattles and teddy bears.

A view from the back.

The next two quilts are going to take me several days to get finished. The owner wants heavy quilting on them. I get the first one on the machine and stabelized..... then I just stand and stare..... what can I quilt? My brain is in a fog as to what design to quilt on it. I may have to take a day away from the machine (or atleast a half day) doing some house cleaning or paper shuffling in order to think of a design for that quilt.

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