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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weaving a rug with a paper clip

I thought I would show you what I've been up to. I found myself in a hospital waiting room while my mother had her throat stretched. She had to have this done because she was constantly choking on her food. It was not planned and urgent that this get done.

I had the thought to take some fabric strips and a crochet needle to make a rug while I waited. I just can't seem to sit idle, my hands must stay busy all the time. To my dismay the crochet needle got lost someplace. It poked a hole in the plastic bag and I didn't know it. There I sat in the waiting room twiddling my thumbs with a bag of fabric strips sitting beside me.

I didn't want to just sit so I thought about possibilities. I could braid them and then weave them together later. It didn't appeal to me. I thought about going to a store to find a crochet needle. Too far to go by bus.
Then I thought maybe I could use another technique of some sort to weave the rug. I asked the nurse if she had a large paper clip I could borrow? She did.... so I started experimenting. This is what I came up with. Of course, I made this video after I got home.


Patti said...

Your video is great. Love to see more!

Anita Estes said...

Hi Patti, glad you enjoyed it. I'll do more as soon as I have more time.