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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Busy busy

There were bills to be analyzed and paid.  An energy saving ideas seminar to attend.

* photo removed by blogger

Homework to complete.  I'm so loving learning to create portrait quilt patterns! 

A windfall of produce to preserve.  I got oranges, onions, grapes, potatoes, greens, and apples.

Cooking to be done.  Gee..... it gets eaten before there's time for a photo.  Actually, I gave both pies to neighbors as soon as they were cool.  He had picked taken one to carry home and return for the other.  He didn't want to chance dropping one by carrying both at the same time.

A quilt on the machine larger than the largest batting I had.  Time needed for adding extra batting.  It's stabilized and some of the quilting has been done.

A cabinet shelf that decided to fall down in the back.  I took the time to repair it then changed what is stored there.

Clothing to be cut apart.

Then cut into squares for two large memory quilts.  Luckily I could work on these when the power was out a few hours.  The storms pasing through were pretty intense that morning.  One tornado touched down not far from the nursing home my mother lives in.

I had cardboard furniture to be worked on.  I wanted to test a recipe for homemade paper paste.  So far it's working.

There was a food inventory to be done before my next shopping trip.  I'm tired of buying stuff because I didn't know I already had dozens.  My grocery storage had gotten way out of hand.  I desperately needed it organized.  I don't think I will need groceries for a very long time. 

A couple of doctor appointments and friends to help moving things to higher floors in preparation for floods.  A Ladybug that's discovered the fun of hide and seek.  Ladybug sitting to do crafts doesn't last as long as it used to.  There was company spending the day sitting to talk about troubles.  So what's a great listener to do but to sit and listen? 

With all these things going on over the last few days...... when was there time for writing a blog post journal entry?  Or even getting near the computer except to do homework for that matter?  The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity around here.  I'm hoping now that I've gotten myself a bit more organized I won't feel quite so overwhelmed.  I can't say I won't be just as busy.  At least I do feel a little better knowing where my groceries are located and how much I have.  Now I guess I need to organize my craft stuff too?  Nah.... that can wait a little longer.  There are projects to complete and homework to finish and friends to listen to and pies to bake and a Ladybug to run after...... here I go again.   


kathi said...

AH. WHAT JOY!!!! nothing BETTER than CHASING LADY BUGS!! and SHARING PIES. and just BEING. i am SO SMILING at YOUR DAYS. the GOOD parts. the not so good parts, i am going to IGNORE. how is THAT?? giggle.

Anonymous said...

Missed you but you have been busy!! Glad you're back. N

Anita Estes said...

Thank you, it's good to be back blogging even though my time away was well spent.