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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm still here

I've been in the kitchen for the last few days instead of in the quilting studio.  The groceries I bought on my shopping trip Monday had to be put away before I could get back to quilting.  I've made croutons and homemade stuffing mix.  I've canned pepper/onion relish.

I've made tangerine/orange jam.

I've cleaned and flash frozen fruits.  I've repackaged and frozen meats.

Today I'm making chicken/pork sausage for the freezer.  I can't be in three places at once so my computer time had to wait and so did my quilting time.  I should be back at the quilting machine after I finish the kitchen work today and clean up the clutter I've made.  All the kitchen stuff (pots, pans, appliances, etc) will be put away until another marathon of cooking next month. 

I wrote a blog post for my other blog this morning.  It shows more about what I've done the last few days too.  I'm getting kind of antsy to get back to quilting.  I still haven't gotten my printer to work.  It looks like I may have to buy a new one.  I can't do portrait quilts without a working printer to make the patterns.  I need to make time to understand the new changes about to happen with my internet as well.  Just when I finally get things figured out..... ATT decides to make changes again.  I have until the 31st to get it figured out or else I'll not be able to get my email.  Geeze..... a little old lady can't keep up! 


lw said...

My printer just died, too, and I can't decide what to buy to replace it. Let me know what you decide to get.

rnmom502 said...

You have been sooo busy, you put me to shame. I need to get myself in gear and start planning my garden for this year. After paying $1.44 for ONE green pepper the other day I can tell you the first thing to go into that garden! I am thinking about getting a pressure canner so I can can beef. My grandmother-in-law used to do that and I loved it! Have you ever canned beef? Enjoy reading your blog. How is momma doing?

Anita Estes said...

LW, I dread looking for a printer. I love the one I have... HP1315 all in one.... printer, scanner, copier. But my luck is that I won't be able to find one like that again. It's harder to find a printer these days too. Some stores have stopped carrying them and electronic stores in my area have closed. The stores where I'm likely to find a printer are all the way on the other side of the city. Shopping online may be my only other option.

Anita Estes said...


I feel your pain about the green pepper. I cringe at the sight of the prices in the produce department. Even the discounted items are starting to get too high for my budget.

I fear the cost of all foods are going to be extremely high in the near future. I'm praying like crazy that somehow I can get a garden planted in my back yard this year.

I'm not holding my breath about it though because right now it seems very doubtful I'll have a garden. All I can do is say my prayers and hope God answers yes.

I remember helping to can some meat when I was a child but mostly we dried it in the smokehouse. Right now I only do water bath canning but I want to buy a pressure canner to replace one I gave away several years ago. I'm thinking that Lehman's would be the best place to buy one. It's a little more pricey but they carry very good products. If I can't save enough money to get the one from Lehman's then I'll probably buy a Presto brand.

Mamma is being very quiet right now. She still thinks she's able to live on her own and begs me to get her "out of prison" so she can have her own apartment.