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Friday, March 11, 2011

This one finished

I have another quilt finished.  The owner prefers minimal quilting so this one went quickly.

A leaf and curl design on the outside border and none on the inside border. 

You have to look at this sideways but the line dancing looks like butterflies. 

A look at it from the back.

A look at the border from the back.

Hmm.... what shall I do today?  I have a Me day today.  I'm hoping to fix my printer so I can print out some portrait quilt patterns in order to make corrections.  It just irks me that this darned printer had to pick NOW to start acting up.  If I can't get it printing right I'll probably cut out more fabric pieces for the two memory quilts. 


lw said...

I like the quilt-- very traditional and quilting beautiful but light. A great cuddle quilt!

Anita Estes said...

That's what the owner said. She prefers very minimal quilting so her quilts remain cuddly. She makes lots of cuddle quilts.