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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Whew, finally finished

I've been working on this quilt for several days.  The design wasn't difficult although the top was a little wonky.  I worked on it in between studying with the online class.  The size is 120" x 135" so this took longer and the batting had to be pieced too.   It's made from what looked like old sheet fabric and linen.  I love that it's made from recycled fabrics.  Here it's folded in half and laying on my 4' by 8' table.  It hangs off on all sides because it's so large.  Very heavy too.

I did line dancing on the pieced squares.

I did a ribbon and leaf design on the sashing.  The design meets at the half point of the block, coming out from the corners.

The outside borders were a  bit friendly so I did a feather design on the top and bottom border to tame them.

The feathers go out from the center where I did a bow.  The bow is place here because the border had the least fullness in this area.

I did a leaf vine design along the other two outside borders because they are much smaller than the top and bottom outside borders.  Then I did the binding by folding the back over the top and sewed it down.

Today I'll put the 3 pillow covers, that go with this top, onto the machine.  I'm not sure I'll do any quilting though because I want to spend a little more time viewing the videos of the online class and I have some house cleaning that needs to be done. 


kathi said...

WHEW!! a BIG one AND a WONKER!! it looks WONDERFUL. i am SWEATING just THINKING of THOSE kind. giggle.

Anita Estes said...

Thanks Kathi, I'm glad to get that one done. Done is good!