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Monday, May 2, 2011

Garden progress

It's not easy trying to create and plant a garden when there are days and days of scenes like this.  This photo was taken during the day but looks like night.

The newest raised beds still look like this although they have been moved closer to the sidewalk.

I did manage to work on the side yard beds.  They looked like this.

But they now look like this.  I didn't finish the third one yet because the rain came back and because I haven't gotten any dirt either.

There is a couple of stray cats that have already discovered the loose dirt.  Those cats must believe I created a big litter box just for them.  Ammonia has been put on my shopping list for this month.  I would use moth balls but those make me sick.  I can't be upchucking every time I get near my garden.  That wouldn't be good at all.

I also managed to put up the strings for my morning glory vines.... providing the boxes get built for them.  I'm still waiting on the guy to bring the boards to make the boxes.  He is waiting on sunny days too.

At the rate of speed I'm getting my gardens made, I'll be lucky to get them finished in time to plant a fall garden.  Nothing ever moves fast for me.  It's always hurry, hurry, hurry to get quilts finished for customers but wait, wait, wait, for anyone to do something for me.  Ok, part of the problem is that I'm slow about getting the dirt for the gardens.  I don't have a car or anyone willing to take me to get the dirt.  Even if I find a place offering free dirt from freecycle.... how would it get here?  I guess the next option will be to plan a trip to the garden center and pay a delivery fee to get it here.  It's an investment. 

There's still more work to be done on the backyard beds before I fill them.  The boxes are not level which will create a problem later.  One end is about 6 inches higher than the other end so rain will wash dirt out of the lower end.  The ground is too wet to dig to level the boxes.  This darned rain just won't stop long enough for the ground to dry out so I can dig.

I still don't have a definite garden plan.  I'll just wing it this year and grow what I believe will work.  I can keep notes of what happens with each thing and make changes for next year.  As it is right now, anything grown in the garden will help cut the grocery budget.  I can fill in other foods with produce from the farmer's market. 

Hmm... I guess my next project to start thinking about is canning jars.  I'm gonna need a bunch of those if I'm going to be storing my foods.  Shelves will be needed too.  I will need a pressure canner if I plan to can veggies.  Gosh, all these things mean I need to earn more money.  The quilts are telling me to get to work or there won't be any money to pay for any of these.  So I am headed to the studio now.

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