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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One question

I've been watching the news lately about the possibility of the government being shut down if there isn't a balanced budget passed.  I have one question and I don't know who to ask so instead I'll just write my question as a blog post and hope someone, somewhere will be asking the same question to the right person.  Hmm.... a very agressive political reporter might be the one to ask but I don't know how to do that.

My question is:

Why is it that the ordinary workers are the ones who will suffer from a government shut down instead of the politicians? 

The politicians arguing over budget stuff will not have their salary cut in anyway if there is a shut down.  They will still receive their paychecks and their perks while the park rangers and the secretaries in small government offices and the ticket takers at museums will be the one's to suffer a pay loss. 

Ok a second question which is actually part of the first question: 

 Why are the senators and the representatives not "fined" the amount of their daily salary and taken away their perks for every day there isn't a balanced budget? 

I'm pretty sure none of them have even considered cutting their own paychecks or giving up their perks as one way to cut the deficit.  Yet, they plan to cut social services for the poor.  Well darn it!  Don't they know that the more poor people they create with their antics.... the more poor people that will need those social services?  The very people who will be out of work from shutting down the government are the ones who will need the social services which won't be open.  The politicians have lost their common sense!

Ok, I'm going back to my work.  I was just type-talking some thoughts that maybe others agree or disagree about. 


jillyヅ said...

Nothing, and I mean nothing makes sense about our government. They give billions to other countries while children and adults alike go hungry in this country.

When my son and I were homeless over 6 years ago, the social worker spoke to a group of us about the "services" available. I didn't qualify. Why? At no time had I been: a vet, a drug addict/alcholalic(past or present), nor was I handicapped. He stressed to me, "think hard, are you sure you NEVER did drugs?". Seems if I had lied a world of services would have been opened. Homeless is homeless. Sorry, but that is just my example of the stupid things our governments do.

And you are right, they will never take a pay cut. Probably give themselves a raise after they pass a budget.


Joyful said...

Excellent points. I don't live there in USA but I totally agree. Politicians and big CEOs ought to lose their pay and perks whenever their operations shut down, go on strike, etc. etc. There may be more incentive that way to get things back to normal.

Gail said...

Actually,Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri has spoken out and said that they should NOT be paid if they can't make their deadline. First time I'd ever heard anything like that!

Anita Estes said...

Gail, If I lived in Missouri I would definitely vote for McCaskill! At least she "gets" it. Not one of them will actually loose their paycheck but other government workers will be working without pay. Like, for example, VA hospital staff and security people and military people. But..... who is going to listen to us "ordinary" people?

Anita Estes said...

Jilly, I know exactly what you mean. I had the same problems when my daughter and I were homeless.

I would prefer to see the governement say "cut 10% or 20% or whatever for absolutely everything" than to haggle over one or two things. This is a budget not a forum for discussing issues. When I work on my budget to cut expenses the "perks" are the first things to go. Hobbies and quilt shows are my personal perks. It seems that with congress it's the perks and government salaries that are the last things cut.

Anita Estes said...

Joyful, I almost never hear any news about Canada discussed on tv but I bet there are probably some "government" salary and perk issues too. It seems to be a world wide issue that the people in power don't want to give and ordinary people are forced to do all the giving.

kathi said...

I actually did email both my senators and my congressman and demanded they start a bill to CUT THEIR PAY as well as the PRESIDENTS. if WE have to take a cut, SO DO THEY and they should FIRST. I'm sorry , but NOBODY NEEDS that kind of money to live on. Especially with so many of their own "constituents" taking pay cuts, loosing jobs, and going homeless.

Joyful said...

Absolutely. On the news recently is the perks in form of bonuses given to the Prime Minister's staff at a time when many people don't have a job or work for minimum wage or just in general having a hard time. Doesn't matter where you are, those in power always want more than their share. We are currently in election mode and so these things have a way of coming out during elections.