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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh wow!

Once a month grocery shopping day means the next couple of days after are quite busy for me.  I spend a couple of days putting it all away. There's chores like making of meatloaf muffins in portions to fit my diet.

There's flash freezing of things so I can take out only the amount I need for a recipe instead of thawing out a whole package.

I've started gathering things from discount bins to use this fall in canning season.  Hopefully, my little backyard garden will give me enough to be canned.

Speaking of backyard gardens..... look what I got.   Aren't they beautiful! 

These are a gift from the man who traded the cutting of the trees for two quilts.  A blackberry, a raspberry, and a blueberry.  All I could say is "oh wow!" when he gave them to me.  I've already told him he's done enough to pay for the quilts but he wants me to have my backyard garden.  He's doing more than his share in the trade and I'm very thankful he's going a little farther for me.   I think he's almost as determined to see a garden in my backyard as I am.  (big smile) 

Today there's more kitchen work to be done and I want to do a little house cleaning too.  Later tonight will be the Thunder Over Louisville fire works show.  I won't be going to it but I can watch the planes fly over my house as they buzz the crowds along the river all afternoon.   The blue thunder planes are my favorite.  They are quite loud while still looking really graceful in the show.   Hmm... I like the older planes too.  One is a local plane that I see every afternoon.  It looks like the Red Baron plane in Snoopy cartoons.  It's a red plane so I call it the Red Baron.  I wave at him every evening as he flies by.

Ok, my internet connection is acting up so I'll go do something else. 



Beth said...

I love seeing the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds too! You would think after a lifetime of watching planes, I would get bored, but sometimes as I approach the AF base, I pull over to watch the jets in formation. I guess that is what you get with so many pilots in the family! We just added another one! That makes 2 in this generation!
Love the meatloaf muffin idea...gonna have to remember that one for when we have an empty nest.

Anonymous said...

Wow is right! So nice to hear good news after reading so much bad/sad news from internet news. Thanks for sharing. I can taste those berries already! N

Anita Estes said...


Another flyer in the family? Fantastic! Who? Grandchild? Niece or nephew?

I never tire of watching planes either. There was a new one added this year. A plane called a Raptor. I could have watched it all day.

Anita Estes said...


I can hardly wait for the berries too. They got planted yesterday so now it's up to mother nature.