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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Emergency preparedness show

I saw that a special show about emergency preparedness is being shown tonight on CNBC at 9 pm.  It's about the "extremes" some people are going in their belief that the end of the world will happen December 2012.  Whether you believe in this or not, it might be interesting to see what others do for preparedness.

I do believe in being prepared for emergencies such as an economic downfall, major illness, or loss of a job and I believe in being prepared for natural disasters because I've been through several in my lifetime.  What I am NOT going to do is become an "extreme" preparedness person who thinks the world is going to end on a certain date. 

I have my faith.  I have my will to live life the best I can with honesty and value.  I do what I can, everyday, to leave this world a better place than when I came into it.  No one truly knows when things will end.  The end of the world for me (or anyone) can end with the next heartbeat.  A drunk driver coming out of no where to plow into a carload of people.... and someones world could end.   An earthquake can happen.... and someones world could end.  A tsunami can happen.... and someones world could end.  A sniper bullet can end the world for someone.  You see what I mean? 

It is always a good idea to prepare for some things.  I look at the news regularly and the troubled times do worry me.  But, I can't live my life in fear of the unknown.   Fear is a killer by itself. 

Ok, I've got to get back to work on a quilt.  I had not intended for this to become a full blog post.  I was supposed to be only passing along knowledge of an interesting show to be aired.  I thought some one might want to watch it.  Just remember the media like to show "extremes" for these shows.

*** UPDATE ***

I watched the show and I was not impressed with all the extreme people.  Millions of dollars spent on a theory?  Aw, come on now, use some common sense.  Well, some people have nothing better to do than spend money foolishly.  It's the believers and followers who are being duped into spending just like they were duped before Y2K.  People are giving up hard earned dollars to those who create the fear, with no guarantees of a refund if the world does not end.  Do any of the doomsayers offer full price refunds?

All the 2012 fear is based on a round stone ancient calendar.  Well heck, doesn't anyone realize a circle must end someplace?  Like a clock that goes from one to twelve and starts all over again at one.  Just because the clock goes past twelve it doesn't mean time will end.  A round calendar stops and begins again and should not be feared that the end of days is upon us anymore than a flip page calendar.

If you must spend money for preparedness.... at least spend it on practical preparedness.  Know which natural disaster may happen in your area and spend your money on things to help you through that disaster if it should happen.  Watch for signs of another economic down turn or a possible lay off from your job and stock up on groceries to see you through that time.  Watch for signs the price of gas or heating oil will be going up and set aside extra money for that.  What I am saying is..... Plan for real possible emergencies instead of imagined ones. 

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