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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I finished the inside border and the sashing on the quilt.  I did a type of flower and leaf design. 

It starts with the flower in the corner (cornerstone square) then goes out with a leaf vine to end with a flower at half way to the next corner.

I move to the next corner and work out from it to meet the previous flower vine. 

I took an order for two clothing memory quilts to make.   I'm doing these in exchange for some work on my house.  It will work for both of us.  I'm to have them finished by the first week of June. 

I have a lot going on and there's no time like right now to get started.


Dora, the Quilter said...

I do like the quilting on this quilt--is it your design or a pantograph?
Just curious about the memory quilts--do people bring you appropriate cotton fabrics or just any fiber the clothes happen to be made from?
Nice that you could do something you're great at in exchange for work you need done.

Anita Estes said...

Thanks Dora. The quilting on that quilt is done freehand.

I make memory quilts from whatever clothing is brought to me. As long as I can get a machine needle to sew through it, I will use it in their quilts. I've quilted some rather strange clothing over the years.... socks, underwear, scout patches, flags, bathing suits, scarves, gloves, derby suits, and so forth.

Memory quilts are especially dear to my heart. When making them it's almost as if an angel whispers in my ear telling me how to make it.