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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Catching up

Ok, a catching up post.  I did finish the quilt that was on the machine.  I'll show you photos in a moment.  I started my online portrait class and I LOVE it!  I'm finally learning how to create the patterns to do portrait quilts.  I had doubts about whether I could learn it or not.  I do learn.... it's the retaining the information in my head that worried me.  Margaret is a very patient teacher and easy to learn from.  I no longer have any doubts about retaining the information. 

I still have a lingering cough from the flu.  I'm allergic to the flu shots so when I get the flu it lasts longer for me.  I've gone through a couple of bags of cough drops already.

Thursday mother had a nasty fall out of her wheel chair again.  She got another bad gash on her forehead and had to be stitched up again.  She falls asleep in the chair and leans forward in her sleep until she falls out.  I suggested they start using a front opening harness that will keep her in the chair but is easily opened if she needs to use the bathroom.  Legally the nursing home can't use a chair harness unless the patient can open it them self for bathroom breaks or getting into bed.  The patient has to agree to use the harness and my mother doesn't agree.   

I did a little work on my cardboard blog this morning.  I made it so the steps are easier to find later if someone wants to do one step at a time.  The steps are listed along the sidebar.  I don't work on the cardboard stuff very often so the steps get added to the blog slowly.  For the new people reading this blog, my cardboard blog is about making real functional furniture from boxes that would otherwise be thrown into a landfill.  Right now I'm making a cardboard breakfast bar to go in my kitchen.  Later I will add smaller and more crafty items made from cardboard to the blog.  I call it cardboard but some people call it.... paste board or corrugated. 

Ok, here's the quilt I just finished.  You've already seen some photos I took while quilting it.  This is the top laying on the intake table. 

On the inside border I did a flower design in each 4 part section. 

On the inside blocks the centers were all different but the outside of the blocks remained the same.  I did line dancing on the centers. 

I did a flower and leaf design on the outside of the block.   This is the flower and leaves in the triangles.

This is the leaf design on the corners.

Here is the inside (pieced) border with the flowers from the back.

A look at the outside border with the weaving feathers from the back.

Another look at the outside border next to the inside border.  The weaving feather changes colors as it weaves.  It's a very subtle change between the two colors.

This is the sashing and corner stones from the back.

A look at the blocks from the back.

The next few days are going to be quite busy for me.  (So what else is new?)  I have a lot of work to catch up on now that I'm feeling better.  Right now I have homework to complete so I can turn it in today.  Later I plan to load the next quilt and start stabilizing it.  I need to work on cutting apart more of the clothing for the two memory quilts I'm making.  My house needs a good cleaning and I should make more chicken soup for the freezer.  I don't like not having it ready just in case I get sick again.  I've already been exposed to another winter time sickness which is a 3 day virus.   Geeze!  Why can't people stay away from me when they are sick?  Ok, it was Ladybug around me while she was sick.  She was exposed to it at daycare.  I love her anyway.

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kathi said...

STILL ALWAYS gotta LOVE that LADYBUG. yeah. KIDS. GOOD thoughts. make more soup. for ALL of you.