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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sorting fabrics

Normally, the week between xmas and new year, plus two weeks after, I can be found sorting and organizing. Getting myself geared up for another year of quilting. This year, I'm way behind schedule. My organizing is getting started late.

Last night I asked my daughter to bring some of the fabrics out of my room (from under my bed) into the studio. Early this morning, before anyone else was awake, I started going through them. Deciding how to sort fabrics is difficult for me sometimes. Should this fabric be a background or a floral? Should that one be a theme or a dark? So many different sizes and types. I have tons more still under the bed and in my closet.

So I'm sitting there going through and fondling all the different fabrics when.... what on earth? Where did this come from? I didn't know I had any Christmas fabric. Least of all a couple of vests. Oh my... a couple of preprinted doll kits too. How could I have missed remembering those? It's a mystery.

Deciding on the quilts to make is going to be the most difficult part of sorting. Maybe it's time I had myself a good old fashioned stay at home retreat? Not just staying home... I already do that. What I mean is some uninterrupted days of just creating quilt kits. A few days of fondling fabrics and looking at possibilities. Looking through quilt books for inspiration and sketching ideas.
In the past I would turn off the phone, close the curtains, and spend three or four days creating quilt kits for myself. Now days I must confine my retreat to the time when Ladybug is in day care. Hmm... she does love to look at fabric. Maybe I should include her this evening to see what happens? Mommie has class tonight so I could give it a try. We'll see......


kathi said...

the mind picture of you and LadyBug making up "quilt kits" is just so tender and heart warming to me. THAT'S the way to go, for sure. ENJOY every second of it. I am SO READY for some ME projects of ANY kind. i think come the end of February i will be "caught up" and can begin the "new schedule"..

Anita Estes said...

You take the time to "work in" a special request quilt... why not make your ME project a special request one? You ARE special too aren't you? Well, I think you are!!