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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looking through the past

I tried sorting the fabrics but it became much too complicated trying to figure out where it all should go. I decided maybe if I choose a pattern first then I can go from there. I pulled out several drawings and pattern ideas from years past. Designs I wanted to create into a quilt but just never found the time for them. I kind of got stuck on this one for awhile yesterday. It's the baby horse that stopped me in the sorting. As soon as I looked at it I knew it had to be changed. The baby horse looks more like a My Little Pony character than a horse.

So I re drew him with longer legs. Baby horses have long gangly legs.

Hmm.... even with longer legs he looks like a pony. Ok, that's the way I draw, I tell myself. Then I went on to finish the map (design) for when I do get around to completing this quilt. It went onto the design wall so I could glance at it now and then while sorting fabrics.

This one is a drawing done by a then 12 year old future artist. I had planned to create it in fabric so he could give it to his mother. He's now graduated from college and has a couple of kids of his own. He became an architect instead of an artist. I'm thinking I should get it finally made and given to him. He probably won't even remember it.

It was kind of fun looking through all the designs and patterns I had planned to create over the years. Now that I have time for creating again some of these will get "finally done" and done is good.
Ladybug didn't want to play with fabric or make quilt kits last night. She was running a fever again and just wanted to cuddle. Did you know that NaNa has a really cushy lap for cuddling? It's all soft, squishy, and just right for laying a feverish head to fall asleep.


FoulkeArt said...

You didn't ask, but I vote on you doing that flower! What a wonderful challenge, and very open-ended, since it is a fantasy drawing.

I'd love to see what you do with it!!!

Anita Estes said...

Thanks Marilyn, we are thinking the same thing. I believe it will challenge me to try new things.