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Sunday, February 3, 2008

What is going on

There are times when everything in my schedule gets totally out of whack!

Over the past few days a series of unplanned and unscheduled quilt work has played havoc with my work schedule. I'm switching to 14 or 16 hour days (instead of 12) for awhile to see if I can get myself caught up.... again. This working longer hours is not supposed to happen in February.... the Christmas rush is over until July.... isn't it?

I guess it's time for me to reevaluate just what it is I want to do with my quilting. Something has got to give!

Even this reevaluation may not get accomplished right away.... my daughter could go into labor any time now. The doctor says if the baby doesn't arrive by tomorrow they will induce.

Please pardon the short post.... I think I'll go have a screaming panic attack session..... maybe that will get things back to normal....

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