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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Several days ago I had a quilt on the machine that had a very friendly border. I had to remove it from the machine and call the owner because I simply couldn't quilt it without hugh tucks. She took it home to removed the center and straightened it. Then brought it back to me to replace the center by using the quilting machine. (sew and flip method)

Here it is on the machine without the center.

Here it is all finished.

A close up of the border feather.

A close up of the bottom border feather.

A close up of the center area.

Another close up of the center.

A top like this is very pretty if done correctly. It looks very simple but there are several ways it can become - out of whack - or wonky. It requires very accurate seams; very careful pressing with some spray starch; and always measure, measure, measure after each step.

My daughter and the baby are doing fine.


Bethany said...

What is the "sew and flip" method? The feathers are so beautiful and graceful. I really need to learn to make better feathers.

jhwolf said...

You have to tell us how you put the middle back into this quilt. This is very interesting!!

I can't remember if I told you congratulations on the new grandbaby. She is beautiful as is your daughter.

Judy in MO