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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I finally finished an easy quilt. Yeah! I pieced it myself in the design requested by the owner.

4 pieces of fabric sewn together....

With these symbols appliqu├ęd in the center. Circle Lord square dance quilting on it.

But.... like everything else I've done lately... there is a problem.

Well, heck! I clean the bobbin area after every bobbin and do a really thorough cleaning once a week. I've yet to figure out where these little dust bunnies hide in there.

I sent in my entry for the MQX Pet Pourri Fabric Challenge. There aren't any rules saying I can't show it... so here it is....

Here is a blurry close up.... sorry, I still don't know how to operate my camera very well.

I think I could become addicted to fabric challenges. After the show this will not be returning to me. It has already been donated to the NHSPCA as a fund raiser quilt. Yup, another charity quilt. I'm also working on one to be donated to our animal group here. Same design, different fabrics.

The design is my interpretation of the MQX Pet Pourri logo. Sign.... if only I could do nothing all day but create art quilts like this. Isn't it the wish of every quilter to do nothing but create quilts? Well, since I can't create all day, my customers all provide me with a blank canvas for my other passion.... machine quilting. And... I do have one of those waiting for me right now.


Becky said...

I love the quilt. Very very cute and whimsical.

Riea said...

Cute quilt. You are so talented.