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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A quiet week

Since the families with all the bad kids have moved away it is really quiet in my neighborhood! I can actually sit on the porch and enjoy an evening again.

I’ve been working on several projects. It just doesn’t feel right to work on something and not be able to take a picture to show. Also; all the quilt tops I’ve quilted for others that don’t get a picture taken before leaving here makes me sad. I didn’t get a chance to shop for a camera as I had thought I would.

I have an eye doctor appointment Friday. I have a ride so I don’t have to catch a bus with dilated eyes. I will have to pay for that visit before buying a camera. Hopefully I will have enough left over to pay for glasses too. I will finally be able to get these dollar store glasses off my forehead. I can buy a camera later.

I sent an email to Jamie Wallen asking if he plans to teach a thread fusion class at Paducah or Nashville or create a DVD for those of us who can’t go to far away places. So far he hasn’t answered my email. He may be away teaching so it may take awhile before I get an answer. I wish he had finished telling me about his house! He started but was interrupted. Now my curiosity for the rest of the story keeps popping into my mind.

I worked on my 2008 guild challenge and a piece for the Mayor’s 2008 Derby brunch at Farnsley Moorman House. I’m still searching for fabric for the 2008 Art for Animals quilt. I may make another quilt for the city dog pound to raffle too. The dog pound and art for the animals (humane society) are two separate things. I’m still trying to decide what quilt to enter in Form not Function. Of course, without a camera I can’t enter at all. Quilts are juried in by photos first.

I finished piecing and quilted a string quilt for the nursing home my mother lives in. I sent it by UPS instead of trying to find a ride out there. I should have another one made before my next visit to Mom.

Over the weekend I realized my house is starting to look like a garage again. I have things stacked up all over the place which doesn’t sit right with me. I plan to use a couple of weekends in the near future sorting and organizing again. When things start getting stacked up; I realize that the way I have it organized ISN’T WORKING. If it were working it wouldn’t be stacked up everywhere. In organizing what isn’t working needs to be changed.

Can anyone tell me what the little tools on my side bar mean?


Mary said...

You should be able to click on a tool to edit that particular item on the sidebar.

EileenKNY said...

Are you still storing stuff for your family? Try telling them to come get it or you're pitching it. See if that works.
It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now, so a camera will become a necessity very soon. Have you looked on EBay? Even if you have to buy a couple of disposables, I think you can have the pics developed onto a cd. Worth looking into????