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Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Glasses

Yesterday I went to pick up my finished glasses.

I still can't see. This is so frustrating! In the left lens I can see perfectly. In the right lens I can't see a thing. Looking through both together it's a blurry mess. The glasses were checked with the prescription and they are the way it was written. So first thing tomorrow morning I will call for an appointment with the eye doctor again. Maybe he can see where the problem is. One thing is for sure, I'm not giving up! I've paid far too much money to not be able to see properly. If these don't get fixed right.....I will bug everyone to death until they are fixed. Other people get glasses that work so why shouldn't I?

So after picking up the glasses my daughter took me to buy a new camera.

I also got a tri-pod for it.

I consider a camera and tri-pod a necessary piece of equipment....if....I plan to enter contests. Almost all contests require photos on disk as part of the entry these days. Owning a digital camera is the easiest way to be sure the pictures are good, instantly. So the next thing I have to do is figure out why my computer can't put photos on the disks. I have a new cd burner but it doesn't work right.

I also bought printer ink for my computer printer. I saw them on sale 15% off, plus I had $3 coupon off each one. This should keep me supplied for awhile.

Ok, enough for now....I'm going to spend a little while catching up with what is going on in the MQR ring then do some cleaning.


jhwolf said...

I got a pair of glasses one time and had the same problem. I was leaving to go to my parents (3 1/2 hours) away and by the time I got there, I thought I was going blind. When I took the glasses back, they had put the lenses in wrong....left in right, right in left. Once they changed them, they were fine.

Hope you get yours taken care of. You've waited too long to get these for them not to work for you.

Congrats on the new camera!

Judy in MO

Jan Thompson said...

Anita - aren't eye problems the worst! A couple of years ago, I had glasses made, but could not see anything out of them. I took them back to the maker, they said prescription was correct. I finally took them to my eye doctor and come to find out, they had rotated one lens slightly in the frame, making it impossible to see. Hope you get it fixed soon.