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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Getting new glasses, yea!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already into September. September 1st marks the official beginning of my machine quilting Christmas rush. It’s the time when I get the most calls for tops to be quilted for others. My waiting list is filled to the max during the rush.

For the next three months my time will be steadily at the quilting machine earning as much as I can for the coming year’s expenses. It could be compared to the harvest done by farmers in the fall. The cash crops are sold so the money can be banked for expenses the following year.

I hope to have these dollar store glasses off my forehead in about two weeks. Yea! One of the nice ladies was kind enough to take me to an eye doctor yesterday. This was a really big help to me. I didn’t have to be trying to cross a busy highway to catch a city bus with dilated eyes.

I don’t have insurance to cover the cost of exams or glasses so I only had the exam so far. I will be taking the prescription to get the glasses made in a couple of weeks. It will take me about that much time to earn the extra money to pay for them.

I have been working on some art quilts as well as continuing to quilt tops for my customers. I also started a top using more of my string blocks too. It will be for the nursing home where my mother is staying. I wish I could show a picture but I still don’t have a camera. That will wait for awhile. I told my daughter that’s what I want for Xmas this year….a new camera.

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