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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Friday again?

I finished these two quilts yesterday.

Very pretty pastels on this one.

Then I loaded the star quilt I finished a few days ago onto the machine for today. I did a few sketches of the design I plan to quilt on it then turned off the machine to clean house a little while. I have to clean when I can find a few minutes away from the customer quilts.

I also worked on a couple of quilt tops of my own for a few minutes. One is a top designed by my grandson when he was here a few weeks ago. I have a bunch of little raw edge letters to cut out before I can put it all together.

Then I sewed a few more strings onto dryer sheets for the blocks of charity quilts. Sewing a whole stack of strings only take about 15 minutes. 15 minutes at a time along with the leaders and enders soon finds me with a finished top or two. Don’t know what leaders and enders are? You can find out more about it here: http://quiltville.com/leadersenders.shtml

You might also want to look at this page of Bonnie’s site:

This is why I have all those bins of scraps under my quilting machine. She got me hooked on saving and using scraps for charity quilts.

Ok, enough computer time this morning. I’m going to start early on the machine. Maybe I will find a few more minutes this evening to work on something of my own again.

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