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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Naughty cat quilt

I was kind of bummed out today. I read the winner's list from the MQX show. I didn't win anything. I'm happy for those who did win but I was oh so hopeful I would win something for a change. I entered a quilt that won best of show at the state fair last year and one that got 3rd at AQS Nashville last year. Oh well.... maybe next year.

I started the day by making this cat for my friend Martha. I know... I hadn't planned to show pictures until she saw it but I couldn't resist.

Martha made the background and sent it to me about a year ago. She was unhappy with how it turned out and asked me if I could do anything to 'fix' it? The quilt has a waistline. Every once in a while I would pull it out of the project drawer and study it then put it back.

When I came across the pattern for the cat I just 'knew' it would fit Martha perfectly. She has cats. One is a grey one that she says 'has personality'. And it would fix the problem of the quilt with a waistline. Now it appears that the weight of the cat is pulling the quilt in at the center.

Don't ya just love that expression? Almost like the cat is saying 'what have I got myself into?'. Sorry about the fuzzy dark pictures. I don't get good pictures on rainy days. The quilt is on it's way home to Martha. I sure hope she likes it.  (The cat pattern is from Jukebox Quilts)

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