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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On Monday I went back to the fairgrounds to pick up my quilts. I left home about 10 am and got back home just after 3 pm. It takes that long for me to travel there and back by city bus. 2 transfers each way. Needless to say I didn't get much done in the studio on Monday.

Yesterday I finally got this quilt finished. I think it turned out pretty nice.

Micro stippling is not something I would want to do everyday. Don't look too closely or you will see my backtracking mistakes around the design.

I think I would hate having to make all those tiny micro stitches all the time. I'm glad I was able to do line dancing on the star part.

The stippling did take up most of the fullness in the top.

There are still areas where there was so much fullness it couldn't be stitched out.

I have another vintage top on the machine and ready to start quilting today. Last evening I made phone calls to the next people on my waiting list. I had to giggle after making those calls and I also felt relieved. It seems I'm not the only one behind schedule. Some of my customers asked to be moved to January's list or February's list because they hadn't finished their tops. Some said they hadn't even started making their top yet. Moving some work to next year has actually taken some pressure off me and put me closer to getting back on schedule.

Hmm.... maybe I'll have some time for making my window quilts before winter after all? I can't see that I'll have time for making all of them but one or two is now a possibility if I quilt pantos on whole cloth. Window quilts don't have to be pieced.... just made for warmth.

A big day ahead of me so I best get started.


Anonymous said...

anita, what an AWESOME job you did on this quilt!! Did you mark the designs at all?? It just looks wonderful.
Would you mind me asking, as one longarmer to another, what you charged for this incredible amount of work?? I just have so much trouble charging enough even when it is so time consuming. If you do not wish to broadcast the cost, you can email me privately. not so important to know if you'd rather not, but I am often curious on your fancier quits.
Diana in Illinois
(quilt4u @ verizon.net - no spaces)

Trish said...

You said "I think it turned out pretty nice." ---- Are you kidding? It turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!! That is one gorgeous piece of quilting!