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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Here is another finished quilt.... almost. I still have the binding to do on it. A very large quilt that took two days to quilt.

I did a flower design in the 9 patch squares.

A leaf and flower design in the sashing.

A simple outline of the flowers and petals here.

Just as I was taking this one off the machine I heard a lot of chirping and chattering from the birds outside. I thought maybe a cat was wandering around to set off the protective instinct of the mother birds so I went to investigate. Not a cat.... it was a hawk. It's sitting on top of the light pole.

I did manage to get this fair entry quilted and bound. I have it pinned to one of my design walls being blocked. When it dries it should be very square. Well at least I will have a couple of entries this year after all. Thank goodness this one was small and didn't take long to quilt it.

I did a cross hatching on the border and found it had some fullness and pulling areas in it. I went back and did more stitching to take up all the fullness.

I'm slowly making progress to getting back on schedule. I had to eliminate several "me" things from my "to do" list. I think my apprentice will start the first week of September. It will be a welcome relief to have someone here to lend a hand with the things I need to get done. Maybe next year I won't have to eliminate so many of my "me" things.

I'm headed off to start on the next customer quilt.

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